Drought Dearth

How can Texas recover from the serious drought it is enveloped in?
How do you really spell drought/dearth? All I know is we need to pray
now more than ever. And fasting will soon follow if we don’t receive
the rains…Share a prayer thought for Texas lands, Texans
and the vast wildlife that is suffering along with her people.

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To Kill or Not To Kill

Drought drives snake in for water-seeking mice.

Help identify snake.

Snake eating a rodent.
Image via Wikipedia

Tough question! It is 3 a.m. someone wakes you yelling, “What kind of snake is this? Do I kill it?”

Sounds like a silly question to many, but not to me. Everything has a purpose and snakes have theirs.

I stumbled to the door at the back slab porch. All I could see was a long dark grey arrowhead shaped snake already partly injured by the shovel my husband was wielding.

“Okay, go ahead and finish it off.” Man it stunk!

He explained to my snake conserving brain that the dog, “Blue”, a blue heeler, had not barked at it, but had simply alerted my husband to its presence. Before when the dog saw a venomous Copperhead in the same place, he had barked incessantly until we responded.

 Since he did not want me to walk out in the early dark, (I’ve been viewing the meteor showers) and step on it, get bit, or scared out of my socks…he decided to take care of it. I suspect the bite of a non-venomous snake might cause a nasty wound anyway.

“Well what am I awake for then!” I understood, but morning hours had me regretting the demise of what is possibly a chicken snake after mice that have moved around close to a water source. Next time maybe I’ll have a better identification on the slithery visitor before its life is extinguished.

Once again, the Texas drought is driving the animals too close for comfort, theirs or ours.

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Trees suffer from drought

Southern Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix co...

Image by accent on eclectic via Flickr

Last night I was watering late, after dark, in the tall grass I haven’t cut since I felt blessed to have any grass left. I am trying to save trees which are overstressed by extreme drought. I was wearing slide on tennis shoes. As I dragged the hose away from the tree, I felt a slither across my achilles and knew it was not a stick. I saw the slender copperhead snake which this year are lighter in color, almost pink. I moved away and it went on its way. I guess it thought the rains had finally come. Today, I am blessed to say, I did not have to go to the emergency room with a venomous snake bite.

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Texas Style Family Jamboree June 25 McAdams Chapel

Join us for fun, food, history and music. McAdams Chapel & Reunion Grounds 9am until 3pm. play 42 dominoes, attend a remembrance of Civil War Veterans and POW‘s. Music by Jacob Austin Band, BBQ silent auction and more. www.mcadams.org   www.jacob-austin.net

Jackie Thompson, author of Sabine Crossing will give Texas history talk.

Most events inside air conditioning! It’s hot in Texas!

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Its a new day!

cattle call on the prairie

Cattle Call on the Round Prairie

Rain finally came to our region of East Texas of the Brazos Valley. I had begun to think we were living out the story by Elmer Kelton, The Time It Never Rained. Thank God, we were refreshed. Some of the garden might start to show some growth now that it has received some moisture besides from the water hose. I put out buckets to catch rain hoping to continue giving nutrients from the sky.

If you did not receive any rain, yet, keep on praying! Fast (abstain from food) for a while to pray harder. Hope your answer is on the way. God Bless Texas!

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Indian Native American Texan

No matter how we are called, we know how to answer the call. Texas was joined by many Indians who helped fight for her struggle to independence. And even today, “we” Texans, Native Americans, Indians and all in between, continue to protect our native soil from encroachment or taking by eminent domain. The fight goes on…

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Hello world!

1836 signing of the Texas Declaration of IndependenceTexans like to express themselves in our great state which is celebrating our 175th anniversary of Texas Independence. With all that is going on around the world it is nice to have deep roots and heritage not only in rich soil of a place called Texas (Tejas), but also in my blood:DNA as a descendant of Native Americans or Indians.

Join in the conversation of : All things Texas/Texans/Native Americans.

Halito!, Ya ah teh, Amptetu, O si yo! Greetings in many languages. And in Texas, we usually say “Howdy, ya’ll!”


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